ShakeOut Earthquake Drill – October 21 at 10:21 – Are you Registered?

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Living along the West Coast, it should come as no surprise we live in an area that earthquakes can impact. I find it shocking, so few of us know what to do when we feel the ground start to shake. 

Taking immediate action in an Earthquake could save your life!  

DROP, COVER & HOLD ON”  is what we must do when we feel the earth start to move, to help protect us from danger. 

  • First, drop down and get underneath a table or desk. If a table or desk is not accessible, go against an interior wall and crouch down.
  • Then cover your head with your arms for added protection from falling debris.
  • Hold on till the shaking stops, then slowly count to 60.  Survey your area and carefully get out from underneath the table or desk, ensuring no debris or broken glass could injure you. 
Interviewing hundreds of people in Canada and the US, most say their first reaction is to flee the building to safety. Running to safety is dangerous during the earthquake, as this is when you have items crashing to the floor and debris shooting across the room. 
We all need to remember and practice  “DROP, COVER & HOLD ON in Canada and the USA!”  That is what will protect you from danger in an Earthquake!
Join the ShakeOut Earthquake Drill on Thursday, October 21, 2021, at 10:21 to practice DROP, COVER and HOLD ON!  Turn on your radio before 10:21 and experience what an earthquake would be like.  Go on – set your alarm for 10:20 and get ready to practice “DROP, COVER & HOLD ON.” This action could save your life when facing an earthquake.
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Don’t be Panicked – Be Prepared!

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