Keeping Pets Safe in the Cold Winter Weather!

small dog in jacket playhing in the snow

As the current deep freeze continues here in British Columbia and Washington, it’s essential to consider the well-being of our beloved pets. While winter may bring joy to some, it also brings challenges for our furry friends. Here are 3 practical tips to keep your pets safe, warm, and happy during the chilly season. Bundle […]

Navigating the Luggage Carousel – HolidayTravel Tips

Woman sitting on overpacked suitcase trying to close it

The bags tumble onto the roundabout, and around and around they go. You stand there, a mix of excitement and anticipation, waiting for your bag to make its grand entrance onto the carousel. Yet, as you watch weary travellers claim their belongings and head to their destinations, panic bubbles up within you. Where is your […]

Embarking on a Solo Journey – My Cotswolds Hike

Cotswolds trail

Sept 27, 2023, was the start of an adventure I’ve dreamed of for what feels like a lifetime. Sitting in the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge, I could hardly believe it was finally happening. I was on my way to wander through the Cotswolds Countryside in England, and the very thought of it sent a […]

Heatwave – Tips to Keep Cool!

Ice Cream Stand

Noon on a Thursday, the community is usually full of people rushing to get somewhere, taking their dogs for a walk, grabbing their lunch from the food truck, or heading to the beach for an ice cream cone,  but today with record temperatures the people are nowhere to be found. They are doing what they […]

Top 3 Excuses why Families don’t Prepare for Disasters!

Young women confused about how to prepare for disasters.

Prepare for a disaster, heck no – it won’t happen to me!  Those were the exact words uttered by Shane and Jen when they moved into a new home close to the neighbouring forests.  Sadly, 3- months later, they were sitting in a Reception Centre with their young daughter Emma as a forest fire was […]

My House is on Fire – What do I do?

Mom and kids at a House Fire

The kids are finally settled at their desks to complete their homework.  You are looking forward to sitting down with a cup of tea after a long day.  All of a sudden, the shrill noise of your smoke alarm blasts throughout your home, warning of a house fire.  You turn around, and you can smell […]

Where do I Store my Disaster Supplies?

Gypsy looking in a crytal ball

If I had a dollar every time someone asked me, “Where do I store my Disaster Supplies,” I would be a wealthy woman. Facing any disaster will be a scary experience as you and your family face many unknowns.  But with your Disaster Supplies safely stored away,  you won’t be desperately struggling to get the […]

ShakeOut Earthquake Drill – October 21 at 10:21 – Are you Registered?

Scared Couple

Living along the West Coast, it should come as no surprise we live in an area that earthquakes can impact. I find it shocking, so few of us know what to do when we feel the ground start to shake.  Taking immediate action in an Earthquake could save your life!   “DROP, COVER & HOLD ON”  […]

The Weather Outside is Frightful – Frightfully Hot!

Heat records are being shattered across BC and the Pacific Northwest, challenging all of us to find ways to stay cool as we make our way through this heatwave.  The majority of homes in this area do not have air conditioning, so we need to be creative to stay cool. Hot weather like this typically […]

Water – We can’t survive with out it!!!

Golden Retreiver drinking from bottle

Water is essential to our well-being, we all need it, and we can’t survive without it. Experts agree we can only go a couple of days without water before becoming dehydrated.   Yet, many of us don’t have enough water stored to support ourselves, our families and our pets when facing disaster. Teaching a Virtual Earthquake […]