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People who are prepared survive any disaster much better, and that is why I speak on Disaster Preparedness
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Hello and Welcome to Survive-It!

My name is Jackie Kloosterboer.  I run a speaking business called Survive-It. 

I conduct presentations for organizations and groups that want their people to be prepared when disaster strikes to keep them safe at all times.

In addition, I work with families that want to protect their loved ones, including their pets, to ensure a speedy recovery in times of need.

In fact, I am the author of My Earthquake Preparedness Guide.

As a result of my work, people often share they are more prepared and have peace of mind knowing they are prepared when unexpected events happen.

On a personal note, I love to travel, and when at home in Vancouver, I love to hike the many mountain trails. 

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Disaster Preparedness Tips!

Every 2-weeks get a Disaster Preparedness Tip emailed to you. 

These tips will keep you up to date on Earthquake & Disaster Preparedness to help you, your family and pets get and stay prepared!

Disaster Preparedness

“Get Ready” Options

When it comes to Disaster Preparedness we are all at different stages.  Some of us think we are prepared, some of us have done a couple of things to get prepared, and some of us just don’t know where to start!  That’s OK!  

Survive-It will help you get better prepared no matter what stage of preparedness you have reached!  We are here to Help!

Check out our “Get Ready” options: 
  • Home Preparedness Consults
  • Virtual Disaster Preparedness Workshops for Groups and Businesses
  • In-Person Live Workshops
  • Customized Disaster Preparedness Workshops
  • Bi-Monthly Disaster Preparedness Emails chalked full of  disaster tips and tricks
  • My Earthquake Preparedness Guide – Simple Steps to Get YOu, Your Family and Pets Prepared
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Disaster Preparedness Session

Free Virtual Call - Book Today

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Book your free 15-minute Virtual Coffee with me to talk about how I can help you, your family and pets prepare for whatever disaster comes your way!

FREE Workshop!

Virtual Disaster Preparedness Info Session
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Join Jackie Kloosterboer for a unique, virtual Disaster Preparedness Info Session where you will learn what you and your family must do to be prepared for Earthquakes and Disasters, whether you are at home or work.

  • How to create your Family Disaster Plan
  • Essential supplies to have on hand
  • 3 Tips to prepare your home

You will receive a Disaster Planning Checklist to put your ideas into action.

New Dates Coming Soon!

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Our mission is to help you, your family and your pets are properly prepared with a robust Family Disaster Plan to help you better survive whatever disaster comes your way!