Disaster Preparedness – Going from Chaos to Calm

Earthquake Preparedness - will you survive-it?

Jackie Kloosterboer

You know how COVID19 blindsided families and businesses, this shows we are not ready for the chaos caused by a Disaster?

Covid19 has shown that most families and businesses rarely have the necessary plans that address what they will do when faced with any type of disaster, from a house fire to an earthquake or flood.

From my professional experience as a disaster preparedness specialist, I know disasters frequently happen!  We all need a robust family disaster plan to ensure

  • we can reunite with our families,
  • we have the necessary supplies in place
  • we know what to do when faced with any type of disaster.

Disasters will come, and as long as you put a well thought out Family Disaster Plan in place to anticipate disasters, you, your family and pets can avoid chaos.

That is why I speak on Disaster Preparedness – going from Chaos to Calm

I am Jackie Kloosterboer, and for 25 years, I have prepared my entire career for these times.  I have led a team of 325 volunteers and have managed crises at Forest Fire, Apartment Fires &, Floods.

As an expert in Disaster Preparedness, you may have seen me interviewed on Global TV, Breakfast TV or other national TV and radio shows. I have spoken at over 300 businesses and facilitated training across Canada, for response teams.  I am the author of My Earthquake Preparedness Guide, a quintessential book on preparedness.

Don’t be blindsided by disaster ever again.  Rather than panicked, you can be prepared!

My Earhquake Preparedness Guide


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