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Jackie Kloosterboer

I am Jackie Kloosterboer, and for 25 years, I have prepared my entire career for these times.  I have led a team of 325 volunteers and have managed crises at Forest Fire, Apartment Fires &, Floods.

As an expert in Disaster Preparedness, you may have seen me interviewed on Global TV, Breakfast TV or other national TV and radio shows. I have spoken at over 300 businesses and facilitated training across Canada, for response teams.  I am the author of My Earthquake Preparedness Guide, a quintessential book on preparedness.

When I come to your business, association or group to do a keynote, you will learn how to avoid the 5-mistakes people make, the 7-things you need to know to be prepared, and how to ride the emotional roller coaster of living through a disaster.

I do this in a 1-hour keynote or a 2-hour hands-on interactive training session, where you will benefit from my years of experience and training, great content,  funny and poignant stories, and audience participation.

You or your business will never be blindsided by disaster again.  Rather than panicked, you will be prepared.

To reach Jackie with any questions or to book her for your next event, contact Jackie at:
E –
P – (604) 355-2414.

Jackie is available for:
  • Earthquake & Preparedness Workshops
  • Disaster Preparedness Plans
  • In-Home Walk-Throughs
  • Preparedness Kits
  • Media Interviews
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