About Jackie

Jackie Kloosterboer Disaster SpecialistIt had been a long night for the families forced to flee their homes to safety. The panic and fear on their faces was heartbreaking as they waited to hear what would happen next. There were young families with kids, people clinging tightly to their pets, and many sitting staring into space trying to understand what was happening and how it will impact their lives.

I look up to see another family come through the doors of the Evacuation Centre. With the threat of communities having to evacuate due to the raging forest fires, Evacuation Centers had been set up to provide a safe place to seek shelter.

The sad reality was that many were not prepared. They didn’t have a disaster plan! Many were caught entirely off guard, wondering where to go, what to do and not having what they needed to get them through the coming days. But the most challenging part was not knowing if they would have a home to return to. What would they do then?

I am Jackie Kloosterboer, a Disaster Preparedness Specialist, and I firmly believe that families who are prepared for disasters will better survive in the aftermath.

This year I celebrate 25 years of helping families impacted by disaster. I have been on the front line of disasters and seen the devastation caused when families lose their homes and belongings to floods, forest fires, or house fires. Seeing the devastation, the panic and fear on the faces of these families started me on my journey of helping families achieve Peace of Mind when it comes to being ready for a disaster.

Being prepared is not difficult, but often it’s hard to know where to start.

I can help you to be prepared! I will lead you step-by-step through the process to ensure you, your family and your pets are prepared for whatever disaster may come your way. This can be done through my Online Course available June 2022 or through a Home Visit where I will come to your home (virtually) and work with you to create your family’s Disaster Plan.

I am the author of My Earthquake Preparedness Guide – the quintessential book on Disaster Preparedness. I know that when you create your Family Disaster Plan, store away disaster supplies in case of emergency, and make your home safe to protect your families and pets – you will have peace of mind in facing any disaster you might experience.

Let me help you, your family and pets go from Panicked to Prepared. Book your free 20-minute Disaster Ready Check-In TODAY.