No Insulin Today Maam!!!

Man trying to buy insulin from a pharmacy that has not received its shipment

No insulin today, Ma’am! I stared back at the pharmacist in utter disbelief.  What do you mean there is no insulin today?   I am a diabetic and need insulin to survive – what do I do? For 50 years, I have purchased my insulin and diabetic supplies from the drugstore – and have never experienced […]

Where do I Store my Disaster Supplies?

Gypsy looking in a crytal ball

If I had a dollar every time someone asked me, “Where do I store my Disaster Supplies,” I would be a wealthy woman. Facing any disaster will be a scary experience as you and your family face many unknowns.  But with your Disaster Supplies safely stored away,  you won’t be desperately struggling to get the […]

Your Family’s Home Disaster Kit

Sign Should I stay or Go

What Supplies are Needed in Your Family’s Home Disaster Kit to Stay & Survive in a Diaster? Stay and Survive, you say. How do you do that when facing a disaster? I thought it was best to evacuate to safety. Well, that may not always be the case.  After a disaster, if your home has […]

Disaster Supplies = Survival

Disaster Preparedness Kit

80{2af046bbc384f3429eaa597dab175ca96901570e61c079e5dba6c4c2f8c422f2} of Families do not have the Disaster Supplies they will need to Survive-It! Imagine trying to find the words to explain to your family why you don’t have the disaster supplies you will need for survival after the disaster that just occurred. Having an adequate stock of Disaster Supplies in place for earthquakes and […]

COVID19 – 3 Items for your Disaster Kit!

New Normal Face mask COVID

Putting together emergency kits, your goal is to ensure you have the items you need to survive the disaster!  COVID19 has shone a bright light on some new items we need to add to our Disaster Kits to keep us safe when facing a disaster.  The following 3 Essential Items will help you stay safe […]

Water – We can’t survive with out it!!!

Golden Retreiver drinking from bottle

Water is essential to our well-being, we all need it, and we can’t survive without it. Experts agree we can only go a couple of days without water before becoming dehydrated.   Yet, many of us don’t have enough water stored to support ourselves, our families and our pets when facing disaster. Teaching a Virtual Earthquake […]

Holly Jolly Christmas Tips for Christmas 2020

Family building a Snowman

Undoubtedly Christmas 2020 will be a different Christmas! Wishing you and your family a Happy and Safe Holiday! By Jackie Kloosterboer – Earthquake Preparedness Specialist, Speaker & Author – My Earthquake Preparedness Guide   Christmas 2017, I thought, was for the record books as a different kind of Christmas.  It was indeed a different Christmas […]

When the Tsunami is Approaching……….Its too Late to Plan

Seagull on Coast

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) issued a notice on October 19, 2020, stating hazardous tsunami waves were possible for coastal regions located within 300km (186miles) from the Earthquake’s epicentre in Alaska.  As you can imagine, this caused concern for many people who live in these coastal communities.  They were unsure of what to do.  […]

What about our Kids in Daycare?

Little girl waving at daycare

Emma’s parents work downtown and cross a bridge to get home.  How will they get to Emma’s daycare if roads and bridges are closed after an earthquake?

Earthquake Preparedness for your Pets

Survive It Logo

Earthquake Preparedness! The time to prepare is NOW – once the big one STRIKES it will be too late.  Your family is counting on you!   Answering your Earthquake Preparedness Questions By Jackie Kloosterboer – Speaker, Trainer,  Author – My Earthquake Preparedness Guide  _________________________________ As I am writing this post I am keeping close tabs on the Taiwan Earthquake and the […]