Man trying to buy insulin from a pharmacy that has not received its shipment

No Insulin Today Maam!!!

No insulin today, Ma’am! I stared back at the pharmacist in utter disbelief.  What do you mean there is no insulin today?   I am a […]

Sign Should I stay or Go

Your Family’s Home Disaster Kit

What Supplies are Needed in Your Family’s Home Disaster Kit to Stay & Survive in a Diaster? Stay and Survive, you say. How do you […]

Disaster Preparedness Kit

Disaster Supplies = Survival

80% of Families do not have the Disaster Supplies they will need to Survive-It! Imagine trying to find the words to explain to your family […]

Family building a Snowman

Holly Jolly Christmas Tips for Christmas 2020

Undoubtedly Christmas 2020 will be a different Christmas! Wishing you and your family a Happy and Safe Holiday! By Jackie Kloosterboer – Earthquake Preparedness Specialist, […]

Little girl waving at daycare

What about our Kids in Daycare?

Emma’s parents work downtown and cross a bridge to get home.  How will they get to Emma’s daycare if roads and bridges are closed after an earthquake?

Survive It Logo

Earthquake Preparedness for your Pets

Earthquake Preparedness! The time to prepare is NOW – once the big one STRIKES it will be too late.  Your family is counting on you!   Answering your Earthquake Preparedness Questions […]