The vast majority of families do not have the Disaster Supplies they will need to Survive-It!

Imagine trying to find the words to explain to your family why you don’t have the disaster supplies you will need for survival after the disaster that just occurred.young kids sitting out front of home in disaster

Having an adequate stock of Disaster Supplies in place for earthquakes and other disasters will make a world of difference to you and your family in the aftermath.

Family is our # 1 concernyet so few of us have taken steps to make sure we have the disaster supplies our family will need when facing an earthquake or other disaster.

Having adequate supplies on hand to support your family in a disaster is not tricky. But, where most people fall – is that they never take the time to do it.

We live busy lives overflowing with appointments and commitments, and Earthquake and Disaster Preparedness sadly falls to the bottom of the overflowing To-Do List.

Over the next three weeks, I will share three simple solutions to ensure you and your family have essential supplies to survive any disaster you may face. Whether a house fire, earthquake or any other disaster, you will take comfort knowing you are prepared!

  1. Grab & Go, Disaster Kits
  2. Stay & Survive Disaster Kits
  3. Where to store your Disaster Kits

The focus of this post is your Family’s Grab & Go Kits!

Why do you need Grab & Go Kits to Survive a Disaster?

It’s 3 am and you awake to the sound of pounding on your front door.  You bolt upright and try to pull yourself together.  As you spring out of bed, in the distance, you hear the wailing of sirens—you look outside to see red and blue flashing police car lights lining your street.

You watch as the police bang on your neighbours’ doors.  Your heart sinks; youPolice Car with Flashing Lights know your worst fears are coming true.

Stumbling down the stairs with Rupert, your dog, close behind, you open the front door to hear the Officer say, “You have 10-minutes to evacuate your home.  The forest fire is getting loser by the minute.”

Filled with panic and fear, you rush to wake your family so that you can lead them to safety.

But wait – what about all the “stuff” you and your family need? Your mind is racing!  Clothes and medications?  You know there is other stuff you will need, but what?  You do not have time to gather all this together now – you have just ten minutes to wake your family and evacuate to safety!

Above all, when your family’s safety is on the line, this is a situation you don’t want to face!  That is why each family member needs a Grab & Go Kit with Disaster Supplies!

Grab & Go Kits – What are They?

A Grab & Go Kit is a backpack containing disaster supplies you and your family will require when forced to flee your home to safety.  They are designed with essential items to get you through the next several hours.  Each family member needs a Grab & Go Kit packed with disaster supplies specific to their needs.Disaster Supplies

Grab & Go Kits are often confused with Home Disaster Kits.   Grab & Go Kits are for the short term, such as when you have to evacuate your home due to a house fire or when you must immediately evacuate and don’t have time to gather your disaster supplies.

Home Disaster Kits

Home Disaster Kits are for the longer term, where it may be safe to stay in your home. We often see this in disasters such as earthquakes or extended weather events.  My next post will focus on your family’s Stay and Survive Disaster Kits for longer-term disasters.

Grab & Go Kits and House Fires

Facing a house fire or evacuation where you must immediately flee to safety, you will not have time to gather the disaster supplies you will need.  Having a well-stocked Grab and Go Kit will ensure your family has what they need within easy reach as you evacuate to safety.

Mom and Kids outside as fire destroys their home.

Often with house fires,  you may not be able to return home immediately.  You may need to stay with family or friends or spend a few nights in a hotel.  Your Grab & Go Kit helps ensure you have the essential disaster supplies you need.

The following list identifies everyday items found in a Grab & Go Kit.

Common Grab & Go Kit Items

  • Change of Clothes
  • Medications (Check with family Dr. before storing any medications
  • Copies of important documents (insurance, adoption papers, ID
  • Face Mask & Sanitizer
  • Cash (small bills)
  • Flashlight & Batteries
  • Cell Phone charger
  • Reading Glasses
  • Snacks & Water (1 – 2 bottles)
  • Set of car keys
  • Diapers and wipes

Grab & GO Kit Activity

A great afternoon activity to plan with your family is to set aside some time to create your Family’s Grab & Go kits.Disaster Preparedness Kit

  1. Ensure each family member has a Backpack they will be able to carry
  2. Purchase disaster supplies required for the Grab & Go Kit
    • granola bars,
    • trail mix,
    • bottled water (1-2 small bottles per kit)
    • hygiene items
    • other items you need to put in your Grab & Go Kit,  Set these items on the table.
  3. Have your kids select from these disaster supplies and pack them in their Grab & Go Kits.
  4. Have each family member get:
    • a  change of clothes,
    • a favourite stuffy
    • a game or activity that can go in their kits.
  5. Remind your family members they have to carry the kit – therefore, no heavy items are allowed in the kit.
  6. Add any additional items that may be required. If you don’t have these items, make a shopping list and purchase the disaster supplies to finish your kits.

Following the above 6-steps is an excellent start to ensure your family has Grab & Go Kits ready to go.


Life Preserver and Check ListGrab & Go Kits are your family’s life preservers when facing an emergency or disaster.  Having your kids participate in creating their Grab & Go Kits helps them prepare for a disaster, and when a disaster strikes, they will be aware of what to do to keep safe.

I would encourage you to practice evacuating from your home and grabbing the kits on the way out. When faced with a disaster, this lesson can ease the anxiety because family members are familiar with the procedure they have practiced.

Your family won’t be panicked – they will be prepared!