Back to School Safety 10 Steps to Keeping your Kids Safe

School Bus with Kids walking home

Walk into any store right now that sells school supplies, and there they are.  The confused parents trying to find the right school supplies.  “But Mom, I need a pink binder,” “No, I don’t want that backpack – I want this one,” and on it goes. With the summer break drawing to a close, the […]

Wildfire Evacuation: How to Stay Safe and Prepared

Wildfires burning over mountaians

Right across Canada and the United States, we’re witnessing the heartbreaking devastation caused by wildfires.  It’s shocking to see communities, homes, and businesses literally vanish in a matter of minutes.  But here’s the thing: even in the face of such immense danger, you can take steps to stay safe and ready. When the possibility of […]

No Insulin Today Maam!!!

Man trying to buy insulin from a pharmacy that has not received its shipment

No insulin today, Ma’am! I stared back at the pharmacist in utter disbelief.  What do you mean there is no insulin today?   I am a diabetic and need insulin to survive – what do I do? For 50 years, I have purchased my insulin and diabetic supplies from the drugstore – and have never experienced […]

Heatwave – Tips to Keep Cool!

Ice Cream Stand

Noon on a Thursday, the community is usually full of people rushing to get somewhere, taking their dogs for a walk, grabbing their lunch from the food truck, or heading to the beach for an ice cream cone,  but today with record temperatures the people are nowhere to be found. They are doing what they […]