Earthquake Preparedness!

The time to prepare is NOW – once the big one STRIKES it will be too late.  Your family is counting on you!
 Answering your Earthquake Preparedness Questions
By Jackie Kloosterboer – Speaker, Trainer,
Author – My Earthquake Preparedness Guide

As I am writing this post I am keeping close tabs on the Taiwan Earthquake and the events that are unfolding from this tragic earthquake.  The devastation facing many  people who live there is beyond words and we can only imagine the pain and suffering they are facing.  For many – loved ones have been lost, livelihoods changed and the uncertainly of what lies ahead for the people of Taiwan. My heart and prayers go out to all of them and their families.

For those of us here – we need to learn from these tragic events – this is yet another wakeup call to the fact on the West Coast we live in an area that is overdue for a massive Earthquake and we too could be facing what the people of Taiwan are facing. We ALL need to be prepared for Earthquakes and we need to do it NOW!!

QUESTION:  Are you pet’s part of your Family Earthquake Plan?

Throughout the year I conduct earthquake preparedness sessions for people who have pets teaching them how to prepare their families and pets.  Often these sessions fill up faster than the regular Earthquake Preparedness Sessions and  have lengthy waitlists.
Clearly this show – Pets are family too and  need to be part of our Family’s Earthquake Plan.

Imagine – you are forced to evacuate your home.  You will certainly want to take your pets with you, but do you have the supplies they need ready to go?  Believe me – when facing a disaster you may not even have time to think what your pet or yourself will need. You need to be ready to go before facing a disaster.

Think back to Hurricane Katrina in 2005 which impacted millions of people.  News broadcasts showed countless stories of people and pets losing their lives simply because families were not allowed to take their pets with them when evacuating.  Since Hurricane Katrina we have seen a change where people can now take their pets with them on buses or into shelters when evacuating.

This is a great step forward but as responsible pet owners we need to do our part as well. The key to better surviving an earthquake or disaster with your pets is to be prepared.  Simply start by having a Pet Grab & Go Kit.
Just like us our pets will need basic items to better survive the disaster. You must create a Grab & Go Kit for them containing basic items they will need.  There is NOT a one size fits all for Pet Earthquake Kits.

Preparing a large dog compared to a small cat is like comparing apples and oranges. You need to think this through and identify your pet’s needs.

BASIC GRAB & GO KIT ITEMS – for Dogs and Cats





While dogs and cats may be our more common types of pets there are a lot of other pets out there. Similar to what is covered with Dogs and Cats you will need to create a kit to support your pet whatever your pet is.

Having a Grab & Go kit for your pets is essential and is the first step in getting your pets prepared.
Your Task for Week #16
  1. Prepare a Grab & Go Kit for your pet with the items they will need.
  2. Store your Pet’s Grab & Go Kit with your Family’s Grab & Go Kits for easy access.
Week 17 we will look at how to evacuate with your pet and other consideration for preparing our pets.
Have questions – don’t hesitate to ask. Until next week – Stay safe and make sure you, your family and pets are prepared for earthquake or any disaster that may come your way.
Jackie Kloosterboer – BIO
Jackie Kloosterboer has been leading the way in earthquake preparedness for 2 decades presenting more than 100 Earthquake Preparedness sessions each year to a variety of groups and businesses. She is often interviewed by a variety of media outlets across Canada as she promotes the importance of earthquake and disaster preparedness.
As an Emergency Preparedness Specialist and an Instructor with the Justice Institute of BC Jackie travels across Canada teaching people how to respond to disasters to help those who have been displaced. Throughout British Columbia Jackie has taken on leadership roles assisting those who have been impacted by disaster.
Contact Jackie to speak at your next group or business event to help you, your family, your staff and pets get prepared for earthquakes or whatever disaster comes your way. Jackie will lead you through the necessary steps helping you identify what is important to you and your family or business.
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