Lisa F – Maple Ridge, BC

This book is a ‘must read’ on being prepared.  Jackie gets us thinking about things we all take for granted in our busy daily lives.   She give us good practical advise that could save us a lot of unnecessary panic and stress should a disaster of any kind happen

Jim H – Manassas, Virginia

There are ample resources available on the internet that provides instructions on how to prepare for disasters, however none are like this guide and none motivated me to action.  This emergency preparedness guide makes this a personal process, like you have a training coach providing direction and motivation in a way that makes you want to get ready for the disaster we do not want to have happen.

Caroline M – Coquitlam,BC

Jackie Kloosterboer recently attended our home and met with our family and neighbours to discuss Earthquake and general Emergency Preparedness.

We found Jackie to be professional,  knowledgeable and informative.  She communicates in a calm, pleasant and easy going manner and is adaptable to the needs of the group.

She readily answered all questions and was very helpful in directing our family and friends towards better emergency preparedness.  After our family’s session with Jackie, we clearly feel more confident that we are better prepared to handle any future emergencies.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jackie to anyone who is seeking more information and knowledge of earthquake and general emergency preparedness.  You will not be disappointed.

Sheryl R – California

Hi Jackie!
Just received your AWESOME book — WOW!!! It’s loaded with valuable tips, insights and information — that we can USE here in Southern California — the Rock n’ Roll State! I already “flagged” pages in it that I need to DO!!!!

Anna O – Vancouver BC

“My Earthquake Preparedness Guide is the book I have been waiting for. There is so much information on the internet that it can be overwhelming to try and navigate through.  This book is straightforward, practical, and easy to read.  It walks you through what you need to be prepared, and what you can do after an earthquake happens.  I especially loved that you can write directly in the book, so all your plans are in one place.  Jackie’s knowledge and expertise are prevalent, and she walks you through everything you need to know in order to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. I feel much more confident now about how I would respond in the face of an earthquake.”


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