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The worst thing about not being prepared for an earthquake – is trying to explain to your family after an earthquake why you don’t have emergency supplies“.  author unknown



My Earthquake Preparedness Guide

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My Earthquake Preparedness Guide

The time to prepare is NOW – before the earthquake strikes. Once the “Big One” hits,  it’s too late.



  • what goes in your emergency kits
  • how to connect with your family when cell phones are not working
  • what to do when the earth starts moving
  • how to perform a “Home Hazard Hunt”
  • what if you are at work – what about your family and pets


These are just a few of the valuable tips covered in the pages of this guidebook. Best of all, if you are prepared for an earthquake, you will be prepared for any emergency or disaster that comes your way


testimonials for My Earthquake Preparedness Guide

My Earthquake Preparedness Guide is the book I have been waiting for. There is so much information on the internet that it can be overwhelming to try and navigate through. This book is straightforward, practical, and easy to read. It walks you through what you need to be prepared, and what you can do after an earthquake happens. I especially loved that you can write directly in the book, so all your plans are in one place. Jackie’s knowledge and expertise are prevalent, and she walks you through everything you need to know in order to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. I feel much more confident now about how I would respond in the face of an earthquake. – Anna O – Vancouver BC


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