Home Preparedness Consults

A Home Preparedness Consult will help you prepare your family and pets for disaster right in the comfort of your home! 

Getting prepared for emergencies and disasters can be daunting,  confusing and with our hectic schedules, it’s hard to find time to fit it in.  We know its important, we know our families are counting on us, but rather than tackle it head-on, we keep setting it aside.

Then What?  The disaster strikes and you are NOT ready. 

Responding to a variety of disasters, I have seen the outcome of not being prepared too many times.  I guarantee you that is not a situation you want to be in!

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Do you have a Disaster Plan to support your Family?
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Home Preparedness Consults Focus on:

After sitting down and talking with you and your family we will address your concerns about disasters and develop your Family’s Disaster Plan – taking you from Panicked to Prepared!

Survive-IT will:

  • Tour your home and help you identify the safe areas in your home,
  • Identify your Family Meeting Place(s)
  • Determine what disaster supplies you, your family and pets will need
  • Identify where to store your disaster supplies
  • Plan how you will re-connect with family if you are not together when disaster strikes
  • Identify additional steps to prepare your family and pets for a disaster.  

Your Home Preparedness Consult will be completed using Zoom and will focus specifically on your preparedness needs, identifying how to get your family and pets prepared to survive whatever disaster comes your way!!

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Disaster Preparedness Tips

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These tips will keep you up to date on Earthquake & Disaster Preparedness to help you, your family and pets get and stay prepared for whatever disaster comes your way!