About Jackie

A Disaster Preparedness Specialist, Jackie Kloosterboer, knows firsthand the importance of having a Family Disaster Plan to keep your family and pets safe!   All around us, we see disasters happen; nobody expects them to happen to them, and yet they do!

With a well thought out Family Disaster Plan to anticipate disasters, you, your family and pets can avoid the chaos of not knowing what to do when disaster strikes.

That is why Jackie Kloosterboer speaks on Disaster Preparedness and takes you from Panicked to Prepared!

For 25 years, Jackie has built her entire career for these times.  She leads a team of 325 disaster volunteers and has responded to crises at Forest Fires, Apartment Fires & Floods in support of the evacuees.

As an expert in Disaster Preparedness, you may have seen her interviewed on Global TV, Breakfast TV or other national TV and radio shows. Jackie has spoken at over 300 businesses, government organizations and groups and has facilitated training across Canada for response teams.

She is the Author of My Earthquake Preparedness Guide, a quintessential book on disaster preparedness.Book My Earthquake Preparedness Guide

Jackie lives in North Vancouver, British Columbia and spends time with her partner Jim in Birch Bay, Washington (when allowed to travel across the border.) She loves to frequent the many live theatres, improv theatres in these communities and spending time on the nature trails and at the numerous beaches in both Vancouver, British Columbia and Birch Bay, Washington.

2019 Emergency Preparedness Award

Oct 30, 2019, Jackie Kloosterboer was awarded the Pacific Northwest Preparedness Society Award of Excellence to recognize her outstanding dedication in providing Emergency Support Services and Emergency Preparedness Education to the people and communities of British Columbia.

Jackie has facilitated hundreds of training programs on Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Support Services across British Columbia communities. Jackie trains staff and volunteers to respond to support people forced to flee their homes during times of disaster.



2014 Justice Institute Instructor Excellence AwardJackie Kloosterboer receing Instructor Excellence Award from Justice Institute of BC

An instructor with the Justice Institute of BC, Jackie facilitates Emergency Support Services (ESS) training across Canada, teaching staff and volunteers how to activate and manage Reception Centres and Group Lodging Centres to support evacuees during times of disasters.

2014 Jackie received the prestigious Instructor Excellence award from the Justice Institute of BC for her outstanding service and delivery of Training Programs.


2013 Queens Jubilee Award

Jackie Kloosterboer receiving award from BC premier 2013

Jackie Kloosterboer is a recipient of the prestigious 2013 Queen’s Jubilee Award for her ongoing dedication to providing support to evacuees faced with disaster.

Jackie has spent countless hours looking after the evacuees that have been forced to flee their homes.